Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I fight with Parks Sabers blades?
A. Yes and No.

Yes. Parks™ sabers blades and equipment will endure "moderate to extreme" dueling.
No. You will break a finger or bone before you break our blade. Don't do it!

Legal Disclaimer:
Dueling, fencing, or swordplay can lead to injury and loss of property. For this reason, Parks™ sabers does not encourage or recommend any forms of dueling, fencing, or swordplay. We do not accept any responsibility for the misuse of Parks™ Sabers ultra-strong equipment.

Q. Do your sabers make sounds?
A. No. The reasons for omiting sounds from our saber systems are as follows:

1. The requirements of "adequate" sounds turn an elegant concept into a clumbsy toy.
2. Battery installation and speaker location will always be in conflict.
3. Limited compartment space is best utilized towards the detachable blade system.
4. Omiting sounds yields smaller, highly detailed equipment, which is closer to the concept.

Q. Which system is brighter?
A. Phase™ sabers are almost twice as bright as EL™ sabers.

Manufacturing Times
Q. Why does it take so long to receive an order?
A. Because we have so many orders and styles to build. The saber only take about 1 - 2 hours to assemble, pack, and ship. The lead time comes from logistical issues surrounding machining, inventory, and administration.

Blade Disclaimer
Q. Do your EL™ blades have writing on them?
A. Yes. Because the EL lamps are printed, it was easy to print our legal disclaimer along the back seam. We did so because we felt safety was paramount to asthetics.

Q. Do your Phase™ blades have writing on them?
A. No.

Custom Hilts
Q. Will you make custom handles?
A. Yes. Custom handles are at least $150 more expensive than our production models.

Q. How do I get a custom handle?
A. Make a sketch and give me a call.

Lucasfilm Disclaimer
Q. Are you associated with Lucasfilm Ltd.?
A. No. We are not associated with any Lucasfilm Ltd. Film or frachise. All of our designs are the property of Parks Sabers, Inc..

Phase™ Blades
Q. Why do I see two blades when I move the Phase™ saber?
A. Phase™ sabers have 2 programs. One program is full power. The other is "Phase." The Phase™ saber program flashes the blade just above the highest rate that the human eye can separate images. When the blade is moved, your eye will see the "actual" blade position as well as the "previous" blade position.

Q. What's the difference between your blades and MR/Hasbro blades?
A. Please see the Blade Anatomy page.

Force Touch™ circuit board switch
Q. How does the Phase™ blade touch switch work?
A. Phase™ blades are design with a resistence switch. The moisture in your hand completes the latched electronic circuit.

1. Lightly touch the Force Touch™ circuit board to scroll the lights out.
2. After 1 second, lightly touch the Force Touch™ board again to scroll the lights back in.
3. Touch the Force Touch™ circuit board twice within 1 second to engage the Phase™ blade program.
4. Repeat step 2 to turn the unit off.